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At SHOWTIME students are taught in English and learn the principles of all three of the performing arts disciplines: Acting, Singing and Dance.
Students will study speech, presentation, articulation, improvisation, scene study, co-ordination, rhythm, voice and singing techniques.
Our carefully selected teams of bilingual teachers strengthen the confidence of non-native English speakers and if necessary will give support with some explanations in German.

The Core elements of our classes:

Drama: Developing students creativity and confidence through role play.
Using drama games, character work, storytelling, scene study, improvisation, stage technique, voice and speech training will help them gain confidence in performing in front of an audience.
Dance: warm-up routines, Physical skills, coordination and rhythm are developed with fun and challenging exercises. Contemporary dance routines (Jazz, Street Dance, Hip-Hop,etc…) are explored alongside musical theatre favorites, to give young people a broad experience of different dance styles.
Singing: Warm-up and training of the voice, projection and breathing.
Working on presentation of a song, choral singing, solo singing, singing technique whilst learning popular musical numbers and contemporary songs, improving ability and confidence.

The first term is a „creative term“ where students will discover a great variety of styles and techniques in acting, dancing and singing. Especially in improvisation they will be able to stretch their imagination and develop artistically. At the end of the term there will be a small presentation for parents.

The second term is devoted to staging a musical. All 3 classes will be working together towards the same goal. While creating the roles leaves space for individual creativity and development, learning the choreography and the songs will demand discipline and devotion from every individual towards the common project. The production will be presented for parents and friends at the end of the term on stage at Vienna’s English Theatre where the students will be able to enjoy their well deserved applause.