course fees

An average SHOWTIME year consist of 30 sessions, the number of which can vary slightly in any given term depending on school breaks. The year is divided into 2 terms according to the academic school year. The weekly sessions consist of 45 minute or 75 minute classes (see below). There are no regular courses during school breaks.

Juniors Stage 1 (Ages 3-4)
Course duration: 45 min.

Semester fee: 155,00 Euro

Juniors Stage 2-A and Juniors Stage 2-B (Ages 5-6)
Course duration: 75 min

Semester fee: 250,00 Euro

Juniors Stage 3 (Ages 6-7)
Course duration: 2 hours

Semester fee: 400,00 Euro

The fee per term equals approx. €13.- per hour.

Siblings of registered students are eligible to approx. 20% discount.